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Want 40%+ growth in aggregator premium income?

Outpace the competition with increased policy volume and value through real-time AI retail pricing optimisation.

Used on the four major UK Price Comparison Websites

The UK’s first API-connected AI pricing platform, enabling insurers to respond fast to market conditions

  • Insurers using Nuon AI are seeing 8% – 40%+ growth in premium income, PLUS 4% – 30%+ increases in take up rate.
  • Improve conversion on the aggregators while growing profitability.
  • Real-time retail pricing optimisation in highly competitive environments.
  • Effective even at peak times, processing millions of quotes per week.
  • Complements, not replaces existing IT infrastructure.

What could Nuon AI do for you?

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Nuon - How to?

How Nuon AI works…

This real-world simulation shows how the Nuon algorithm identifies and responds to a competitor who makes a factor change. This particular scenario sees a price reduction on a motor product for legal cover.

Within two hours, the insurer using Nuon has learned, adapted and recovered its conversion rate.