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Nuon - How to?

How Nuon AI works…

This real-world simulation shows how the Nuon algorithm identifies and responds to a competitor who makes a factor change. This particular scenario sees a price reduction on a motor product for legal cover.

Within two hours, the insurer using Nuon has learned, adapted and recovered its conversion rate.

AI + insurance

How can blockchain be used in insurance?

If there was an easy way to remove fraud, human error and risks from cyber-attacks from insurance, would you take it? Of course, you would and that insurance world is coming, with a little help from the blockchain. So, what’s involved?

Nuon investment lower
News + culture

Announcing our £1m pre-seed funding round!

We’re delighted to announce that Nuon has just closed an oversubscribed £1m pre-seed round. We are welcoming new investors and angels on board to support our mission to revolutionise the insurance lifecycle through smart AI.

Performance blog - why we thought we were cool

Tech chat: Scaling our systems to supercharge AI performance

In our last blog, we shared the results of recent performance testing which revealed our AI can process 1,000,000 quotes a week. Now, Nuon Founding Partner Richard Anderson takes you on a deep dive into the tech behind those numbers, giving you a glimpse into the day in the life of our Engineering team.