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How does Nuon AI work with my data?

Data is the powerhouse behind Nuon AI, from initial explorations to see if the AI is the right choice for you, to going live and running thousands of pricing experiments in real-time.

How Nuon AI works

Our data principles


Data is stored on our secure servers and is never shared.

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All requirements are strictly followed, keeping you and Nuon AI compliant.


Unlock deep data insights via your dashboard and Pre-Flight Simulator.

Discovery through data

Explore the possibilities that Nuon AI offers your business with a Pre-Flight Simulation.

Securely pass historical quote data into our simulator to enable Nuon AI to analyse the structure of the product and data. This will provide an indication of how the AI will perform in terms of speed and response, in line with simulated market conditions. 

We’ll produce a detailed, no-obligation report for your team that clearly demonstrates the potential. This enables you to make an informed decision about whether the AI is the right choice for your business. 

All we need is an anonymised extract of quote data, going back 1-3+ months. We will provide you with a secure link to upload your data extract securely onto our systems, and your data can be destroyed following the simulation.

Want to see more? Download an example Pre-Flight Simulation here.

Powerful insights, driven by your data

Unlock real-time MI insights with the Nuon AI Dashboard.

Once integrated with Nuon’s AI, you can access a powerful MI dashboard to monitor, gain insight and extract data on the AI’s performance.

Your dashboard is fully customisable and created in collaboration with the Nuon team for a bespoke experience. Data is stored securely on Nuon AI’s servers, in line with GDPR and other regulatory requirements. 

You can also download data extracts with a complete log of all pricing experiments run and purchases made to easily provide an audit trail for compliance purposes.

Explore the Nuon AI dashboard further in this walkthrough
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