Can AI really become conscious?

AI consciousness | Nuon AI

Earlier in 2022 a Google employee claimed its employers had developed AI that is now sentient… Are they correct? Can AI ever be conscious?

How AI is transforming insurance

How AI is transforming insurance

The insurance industry has a reputation for being a late adopter of new technology. However, that is starting to change, thanks in part to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI).

How can blockchain be used in insurance?

If there was an easy way to remove fraud, human error and risks from cyber-attacks from insurance, would you take it? Of course, you would and that insurance world is coming, with a little help from the blockchain. So, what’s involved?

How will decentralised finance affect insurance?

Decetralised finance graphic / Nuon AI

Not so long ago, cryptocurrency was viewed with a great deal of scepticism; it was for the dark web and not mainstream. But that’s changed and crypto is coming of age – disrupting the financial sector as it goes. How is that so, and how will it affect insurance?