How can blockchain be used in insurance?

If there was an easy way to remove fraud, human error and risks from cyber-attacks from insurance, would you take it? Of course, you would and that insurance world is coming, with a little help from the blockchain. So, what’s involved?

How will decentralised finance affect insurance?

Decetralised finance graphic / Nuon AI

Not so long ago, cryptocurrency was viewed with a great deal of scepticism; it was for the dark web and not mainstream. But that’s changed and crypto is coming of age – disrupting the financial sector as it goes. How is that so, and how will it affect insurance?

What does AI mean in insurance?

There’s a lot of buzz around AI in all areas of our life. How people feel about that covers the full range of positive, negative or indifferent emotions. In this blog, we get to the heart of what AI means for insurance.

AI bias

AI bias header

The topic of AI bias is getting a lot of airtime at the moment. As it should. There have been a number of embarrassing public blunders and with the influence of AI on real-world decisions spreading, no one wants to see mistakes repeated at larger scale. But why does bias matter so much? How does it get into an AI? What are people, including us at Nuon, doing to avoid it? And, what the heck is bias anyway?

That’s AI right?

The term AI (Artificial Intelligence) is used rather loosely today to describe all kinds of things. Leading some to get annoyed over its use, or apparent misuse. A week rarely goes by without a “the robots are coming and they’re going to take your job!!” story in the media – most of which will refer to AI; and more and more products are sold claiming AI features of one kind or another. Why so now, and why get annoyed?