Nuon AI raises £300k pre-seed investment and grows leadership team

Paul Doran

Nuon AI has today announced it has secured its first round of investment from Haatch Ventures, a multi-award winning early stage venture fund.  At the same time it has formalised the appointment of Paul Doran as Partner, responsible for Nuon’s growth and customer strategy.  

Welcome to Flatland

Flatland / agile team structure

If you’re familiar with startup lore, you may well recognise that title. It comes from Valve’s Handbook for New Employees. The million-dollar question, of course, is how you scale such a model. There are three inspirations behind how we go about doing things at Nuon: Lean, Agile, and Growth Teams.

The Great Learning Opportunity of Failure

What may be viewed as failure to some, may actually be an organisation’s strength, because this is how you learn, evolve and grow, and in times like these, where Covid has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives, a willingness to test, experiment and fail may actually be the thing that allows a business to survive.