AI you control with Nuon’s AI Dashboard

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Once integrated with Nuon’s AI, insurance customers can access a powerful MI dashboard to monitor, gain insight and extract data on the AI’s performance. In this blog, we walk through just some of the live metrics covered within the dashboard, putting an insurer in complete control of the AI.

Tech chat: Scaling our systems to supercharge AI performance

Performance blog - why we thought we were cool

In our last blog, we shared the results of recent performance testing which revealed our AI can process 1,000,000 quotes a week. Now, Nuon Founding Partner Richard Anderson takes you on a deep dive into the tech behind those numbers, giving you a glimpse into the day in the life of our Engineering team.

How we use visual tools to build Nuon AI

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To help us – and our customers- understand the workings of Nuon’s AI algorithms we use visual tools. These help us track how the AI is hanging together, as well as provide our customers with real-time insights into how their products are performing.