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Nuon - How to?

How Nuon AI works…

This real-world simulation shows how the Nuon algorithm identifies and responds to a competitor who makes a factor change. This particular scenario sees a price reduction ...
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How to outpace competitors on insurance pricing strategy

How can insurance organisations outpace competitors and improve operational efficiency in pricing decisions?
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New! Powerful additions to the Nuon AI dashboard

Read about a number of exciting updates to the insurance customer AI dashboard which advance the experience and automate key tasks to improve efficiency.
AI Insurance data

How does Nuon AI work with my data?

Find out how Nuon AI securely works with insurance product data to drive powerful pricing optimisation.

Beyond the budget: An insurer’s guide to selecting a technology partner

Collaborating with technology providers can enable insurers to deliver new innovation without disrupting business-as-usual. Read our guide to finding the right partner.
real-time ai pricing insurance

Is real-time market pricing AI right for my insurance product?

Could Nuon AI help your insurance organisation uncover new profit and market growth? Read frequently asked questions on how the tech works.
Insurance innovation

5 steps to hitting your growth goals in 2023

How can insurance teams achieve true transformation? Read our 5 top tips on getting your growth projects off the ground in 2023.

2022 in Review – Part Two: Learning and growth for Nuon AI

Take a walk through the learnings and successes Nuon AI has experienced in 2022, as we look forward to another year of growth.

2022 in Review – Part One: Innovation flourishes, despite the challenges

What challenges have digital insurers, brokers and MGAs faced in 2022 - and how can they be overcome next year by embracing new technology?

InsurTech insights: AXA Future Risks Report 2022

What issues do we also have to be aware of next year and beyond? AXA’s future risks report 2022 helps us keep on top of ...
AI consciousness | Nuon AI

Can AI really become conscious?

Earlier in 2022 a Google employee claimed its employers had developed AI that is now sentient… Are they correct? Can AI ever be conscious?
Algorithmic underwriting blog header

How algorithmic underwriting improves customer experience

Algorithmic underwriting is becoming increasingly common in the UK insurance industry. What is it, and how can insurers use it to remain competitive?
Socotra + Nuon logos

Nuon joins Socotra App MarketPlace

We’re very pleased to announce that Nuon AI is now available on the Socotra App MarketPlace. Nuon AI joins an ecosystem of technology leaders, bringing ...