Built for carriers, insurers and brokers in E&S markets

Unlock premium growth in Excess & Surplus markets

Leverage the power of real-time AI retail pricing optimization to win in insurance wholesale markets.

Delivering growth in all E&S and speciality markets

General Liability
Commercial Property
Personal Lines
Commercial Transportation
Excess and Umbrella

The world’s first API-connected AI pricing platform, enabling insurers to respond fast to market conditions

  • Demonstrated 6.5%+ premium increases for live insurance customers, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in proven monthly premium uplift.
  • Reduce money left on the table in insurance auction markets with real-time pricing optimization. 
  • Outpace the archaic, manual competition with a true AI solution that’s easy to integrate.
  • Ensure your underwriting goals are met, even during unplanned market events.

What could Nuon AI do for your business?

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Nuon - How to?

How Nuon AI works…

This real-world simulation shows how the Nuon algorithm identifies and responds to a competitor who makes a factor change. This particular scenario sees a price reduction on a motor product for legal cover.

Within two hours, the insurer using Nuon has learned, adapted and recovered its conversion rate.