Nuon's pre-flight AI simulator can transform your business

For Insurers, Digital MGA’s and Brokers.

In a few steps, Nuon can provide an indicative example of how algorithmic pricing can boost your insurance product profitability.

Download the pre-flight simulator document to see how.

Pre-flight simulator pdf

Nuon AI runs and learns from millions of pricing experiments

The heart of Nuon’s Artificial Intelligence software is a set of proprietary algorithms based on Reinforcement Learning (RL). So why do we use RL? In simple terms, RL allows us to run experiments on live quotation and sales data – and learn from them.

In RL-speak this breaks down to:

→ Observe

Look at the quotation data.

→ Action

Run an experiment on it.

→ Reward

Measure the success.

“Nuon’s technology caught my attention earlier this year. As a business we have a long history of technical product innovation on our platform, and this felt like a great addition.

“We have always focused on helping insurers deliver the best insurance products and services to the market fast.

“Nuon brings a very new and exciting addition to our platform.”
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Toby MacLachlan
Managing Director